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Over the years I have observed Tom Panas diligently advocating for better education and refined financial oversight on behalf of the students and educators of WCCUSD. Tom has shown care and conscientiousness in his work, which has prompted me to support and endorse him.

                                         – Ivy Winston

East Bay Times Endorses Tom

Congressman George Miller, Ret. endorsed Tom Panas for the WCCUSD School board.

“Panas, a certified public accountant with deep understanding of the district’s bond program, would bring desperately needed financial expertise. He recognizes the academic challenges and, as chairman of the district’s Citizens Bond Oversight Committee since 2015, helped lead the charge for much-needed transparency in the massive building program.”


"We need an advocate on the school board who is going to stand up for the kids and families whose voices haven't been heard for too long; Tom Panas is that advocate."

          – Scottie Smith

Ret. Congressman Miller

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“Tom Panas is a proven leader who knows how to get results, bring people together, and solve problems. Tom is smart, fair, and passionate about the future of our kids and our community,” said Congressman Miller. “I am supporting Tom Panas because I know he will work hard and deliver on his conviction that all students deserve the highest quality education. Tom is exactly who we need looking out for our communities and kids.”

RYSE volunteer Erica and Tom the at RYSE Center after canvassing for Richmond Kids First

Me gusta mucho el Señor Tom Panas.
Es lo mejor para nuestra mesa escolar.

                  – Miriam Wong