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Robert Bruce Anderson
Kenneth Berndt
John Brennan
Janet Bruce
Betty Buginas
Agnes Chen
Lori Chinn
Mark Figone
Nancy Goolsby

Marlene Keller
Laura Martinengo
Lloyd McGrady
Theresa  Parella

Richard Pelayo

Steven  Poulos

Soy Miriam Wong y estoy muy contenta de saber que el Sr. Tom Panas esta corriendo para la Mesa Directiva Escolar. Creo firmemente en su pasión, su habilidad, disposición y conocimiento que el puede ofrecer a la Mesa Directiva ya que el es una persona Retirada y con una habilidad en las Finanzas. Con su gran conocimiento podrá ayudar para la mejor educación de nuestros niños en el Distrito escolar y por supuesto para los padres de familia en nuestra comunidad en que sus hijos tendrán mas oportunidades de tener una persona que puede analizar la mejor opción en como se pueden gastar mejor los fondos para nuestros estudiantes de WCCUSD.
                                                            – Miriam Wong

Rob  Proctor

Nancy Stout
Davis Todhumner

"I've been an education advocate in this district for decades, and I've seen all sorts of school board candidates making all sorts of promises. Tom Panas is someone I believe will move this district toward unification and education for all students . He will work tirelessly for all of our kids, especially those from groups that have historically not been well served or included in the conversation. His commitment to listening, learning, and showing up is unparalleled, and he has the knowledge and expertise to back up his words with actions. I strongly endorse Tom, and if you are passionate about educational equity I hope you'll join me in voting for Tom Panas on Nov. 8th.                     
                                         – Scottie Smith

The BlackBoard of WCC
Eric Aaholm
Dr. Fatima Alleyne
, *Parent Engagement Chair, Blackboard of
       West Contra Costa
Jack Freethy
, *Past President, Rotary Club of El Cerrito
Howdy Goudey
, *Chair El Cerrito Environmental
      Quality Committee
Monica Kortz
, *Past Director, El Cerrito Recreation Department
Bill Kuhlman
, *Past Chair, El Cerrito Planning Commission
Grace MacNeill Chair
, Friends of the El Cerrito Library
Jo Ellen Marcotte
, *Board Director, Hercules Community
      Library Foundation
Lisa Martinengo
, *Manager, El Cerrito Chamber of Commerce
Robin Mitchell
, *Chair, El Cerrito Parks & Recreation Commission
Gary Pokorny
, *Former City Manager of El Cerrito & Walnut Creek
Scottie Smith
, *Vice President, Blackboard of West Contra Costa
Ivy Winston
, *Founder-Executive Director, Bright Futures
Miriam Wong
, *Executive Director, Latina Center

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Community Members:

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Elected Officials

Hon. Janet Abelson, *Mayor Pro-Tem, City of El Cerrito
Hon. Jan Bridges
, *Councilmember, City of El Cerrito
Hon. Myrna de Vera
, *Vice Mayor, City of Hercules*
Hon. Mark Friedman, *Councilmember, City of El Cerrito
Hon. Chris Kelley
, *Councilmember, City of Hercules
Hon. Sherry McCoy
, *Councilmember, City of Hercules
Hon. Al Miller
, *Board Director, Stege Sanitary District
Hon. Gabe Quinto
, *Councilmember, City of El Cerrito

Retired Elected Officials:
Rebecca Benassini
, *Past Mayor, City of El Cerrito
Bill Jones
, *Past Mayor, City of El Cerrito

Don Lau, *Past WCCUSD School Board
George Miller
, *Ret. Congressman
Letitia Moore
, *Past Mayor, City of El Cerrito
Ziesenhenne, *Past Councilmember, City of Richmond
Current & Past Community and Youth Leaders: