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• Improved academic performance
It’s unacceptable that our schools are ranked among the worst in the state. Every child deserves a great school with the right resources and well trained teachers.

• Engaging parents, teachers, students, and the community
On the Board, Tom will help create an environment where parents, teachers, students, and taxpayers all feel like their participation and input are welcome.

A focus on teaching
Tom will ensure that the district invests in training to help teachers develop their talents. And, he’ll create new incentives for experienced, skilled teachers to work in schools that need more help.

• Improved financial oversight and accountability
As a former Chief Financial Officer, Tom will make sure the district devotes our tax dollars to the things that make the most difference in our kids’ education.

Safe schools
Kids can’t learn if they don’t feel safe. Instead of building fancier buildings, Tom believes we should focus on creating safer schools.