From WCC Educators:

Thank you Mr. Panas for being so invested in the future of the children at Mira Vista. You have been very visible on campus and responsive to our needs. It is rare to have a board member at our events and PTA meetings and I want to thank you for your time and energy. I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Gabe Chilcott

Tom is a  roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-the-work-done kind of leader. At the James Morehouse Project at El Cerrito High School, we count on Tom to show up for our student leaders, ready to listen to their concerns and to support them to better understand school district governance. Tom shows up: his frequent visits to our school campus and his empathy for the challenges facing young people and families in our communities allows him to be a strong and effective Board member. Tom seeks out perspectives from teachers, administrators and young people across the district to guide his work on the board. At ECHS, he has been especially supportive and present for our English Language Learners—joining them on field trips, showing up for their presentations and soliciting their opinions on a range of issues. Tom’s orientation toward listening and his years of experience serving our community inform my confidence in his ability to continue to be a strong leader for our community on the school board.

Jenn Rader

Tom works at understanding teaching and learning from the perspective of a student. He is a life long learner with respect for teachers and site leaders and understands the importance of student centered instruction.

Linda Takimoto

I appreciate Tom Panas’ service as a School Board member. He is committed to make sure every student at WCCUSD receives a quality education. He is a board member that walks the talk. At special events or on any given day, I could likely run into him, because he is present in the front lines of our schools.

Mary-Ann LaFosse

Tom’s commitment to staying in touch with his community is evident in his frequent visits to school sites.

Matt Burnham

As I leave Madera at the end of this school year, and head into a new role within our district, I want to thank you for your constant support of and commitment to our schools, to excellence in teaching and learning, and ultimately, to the children and young adults of WCCUSD.  I appreciate so much that you come to visit classrooms, to see our work in action, sitting among the students to experience learning as they do.  I appreciate that you enthusiastically learn alongside us –  attending summer Homegrown Institutes, ongoing professional development and even traveling to NY with some of us to attend the Leadership Institute at Teachers College.  I appreciate your work securing funding for necessary resources, like books in the hands of kids, that we know will make such a difference. You’ve invested so much of your time and energy.  Please know it has not gone unnoticed.

Alison Makela

I have known Tom for at least five years, since I was a special education teacher at DeJean Middle.  As both a teacher at DeJean, and now Assistant Principal at Lincoln Elementary, I have been lucky to get to know Tom as a strong supporter of teachers, staff and students.  Tom is approachable, committed, and a champion for kids.  He is present at most of our Lincoln Elementary events, and is always offering to help in any way needed.  In fact, Tom has attended many of our school-wide student achievement celebrations, and is well-known amongst our students as “Mr. Tom,” who comes to our campus to celebrate them!  We are so appreciative of Tom’s support, and are always happy to partner with him.

Taylor Rainier

Soy Miriam Wong y estoy muy contenta de saber que el Sr. Tom Panas esta corriendo para la Mesa Directiva Escolar. Creo firmemente en su pasión, su habilidad, disposición y conocimiento que el puede ofrecer a la Mesa Directiva ya que el es una persona Retirada y con una habilidad en las Finanzas. Con su gran conocimiento podrá ayudar para la mejor educación de nuestros niños en el Distrito escolar y por supuesto para los padres de familia en nuestra comunidad en que sus hijos tendrán mas oportunidades de tener una persona que puede analizar la mejor opción en como se pueden gastar mejor los fondos para nuestros estudiantes de WCCUSD.

Miriam Wong

I’ve been an education advocate in this district for decades, and I’ve seen all sorts of school board candidates making all sorts of promises. Tom Panas is someone I believe will move this district toward unification and education for all students . He will work tirelessly for all of our kids, especially those from groups that have historically not been well served or included in the conversation. His commitment to listening, learning, and showing up is unparalleled, and he has the knowledge and expertise to back up his words with actions. I strongly endorse Tom, and if you are passionate about educational equity I hope you’ll join me in voting for Tom Panas on Nov. 8th.

Scottie Smith

I fully support Tom’s re-election for WCCUSD School Board. He is truly curious to know more about how and what students are learning in our district so he shows up at school sites and district meetings. He asks genuine questions of principals, teachers and students. Tom listens. Never in my 13 years in the district have I known a Trustee to be so present. Tom asks tough but important questions at the school board meetings to ensure the right decisions are being made for our students. He believes in transparency. Tom strives for greater equity for all WCCUSD students and his voting clearly demonstrates his belief.

Alison Evert

Tom is a board member who is constantly visiting schools, talking to teachers and school leaders, and using this on the ground data to inform his equity-driven decisions for our district. I support anyone who can say they are in our schools as much as Tom.

Jessica Petrilli

Tom Panas has been tutoring students at Michelle Obama School for three years. Our English language learners have greatly benefitted from Tom’s dedication. His commitment to students and the community shows in his willingness to take an active role in the schools that he serves.

Claudia Velez

Tom has frequently visited us at Lincoln Elementary School – he has been generous with his time, as well as in providing incentives for students through our PBIS program. The staff appreciates that he volunteers one day a week in a DLI classroom. It is clear that Tom cares a great deal about the students and staff of our school.

Megan Burnham

As a WCCUSD principal I support Tom Panas’ re-election to the School Board.  He is deeply connected with the schools and communities he represents — always present at school and District events supporting our students and families.  Tom is passionate about improving the outcomes for our the students of WCCUSD.  I support Tom because I believe his decisions are rooted in what is best for kids.

Jamie Allardice

As a sitting principal in WCCUSD, I can attest to the importance of our leadership maintaining deep connection with the school sites and those educators directly serving our students.  I have been so impressed with Board Member Panas’ presence on our campus.  He is frequently at our campus to support our staff, students, and families.  He volunteers in our classrooms, attends our school wide celebrations, and listens to our stakeholders.  He maintains humility and employs an inquiry based approach.  Mr. Panas is connected and informed on how he guides our district.  He is a champion for our students and we need his guiding presence on our board of education.

Eric Acosta-Verpraskus

I have known Trustee Panas for his duration on the WCCUSD school board. He has consistently supported Montalvin by attending our events and has raised over $200,000 to support literacy work in our district! He is clearly dedicated to our school’s and our student’s success!

Katherine Acosta-Verpraskus