Tom’s Accomplishments

  • Focusing the WCCUSD’s efforts solely on student success
  • Granting our teachers and other staff members the raises they deserve
  • Prioritizing investment in Black students across the District
  • Ensuring the District spends money wisely
  • Reevaluating the District’s disciplinary policies
  • Supporting an immediate Immigration Protection Resolution after President Trump was elected
  • Ensuring all new schools will have air conditioning
  • Raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to better support teachers and kids

Tom’s Commitment to Equity

Equity needs to be at the heart of everything that we do at WCCUSD: our culture, our practices, our priorities, our policies. “Does this Drive Equity?” should be the first question we ask about everything that we do. Unfortunately equity tends to get pushed to the side when money gets short. As we move forward in our budget-constrained, COVID world, we must put equity first!

Tom’s Commitment to Community Engagement

I have fought for equity through community engagement since my first day on the Board — and my actions as a Board member are influenced by what I hear from the community. 

Shortly after I was first elected I attended a community meeting at the RYSE Youth Center in Richmond about the impact of Donald Trump’s militarization of our country’s immigration enforcement agencies. Inspired by that meeting, I passed an Immigration Resolution at my very first Board meeting. 

I have also made hundreds of school visits throughout the District. Before Covid, I was volunteering in classrooms once a week. In my first year I was at Verde Elementary in North Richmond, which has the highest percent of low-income students in the District. I was so impressed by the teachers and the administration at Verde — and I have stood up for low-income students in my work as a result of my visits.